Yeadon Tarn

Yeadon is a town located 8 miles from Leeds, and is situated right next to Leeds Bradford Airport. Yeadon Tarn is located in Yeadon Tarnfield Park, there are a couple of free public carparks, however, if you are looking for a postcode for Yeadon Tarn carpark then you might struggle. I’ve put some instructions below for finding the car park 🙂

Walking Around Yeadon Tarn

It only takes around 15 minutes to walk briskly around the tarn. Dogs aren’t required to be on the lead, and there are plenty of opportunities for feeding ducks if you fancy it. Due to its close proximity to the airport, you’ll be able to see planes taking off and landing nearby. You are also likely to also see people rowing, kayaking or canoeing on the tarn.

Yeadon Tarn Carpark

If you ask Google maps to take you to Yeadon Tarn then you’ll be directed to a random cul-de-sac, so don’t do that! There is a car park for the tarn opposite Walsh Vehicle Repairs Garage, so put in the garage postcode – LS19 7AA, then as you are driving along the high street, turn in to the car park opposite the garage. It isn’t very obvious, and so it is quite easy to miss.

yeadon tarn carpark

There is another car park on Cemetery Road, and the entrance to that has a similar sign to the one in the picture above.

After walking around the tarn, you might want to call in for some refreshments at one of the local cafes, or if you want to carry on exploring then I would recommend Salami & Co cafe in the nearby town of Otley.