Luvanto Vinyl vs. Laminate

Among the frontrunners for favoured flooring, it usually comes down to the decision between laminate flooring and luxury vinyl flooring and some people even struggle to tell the difference between the two.

In order to see how they both play out against each other we have decided to focus on the strengths of both.

Vinyl Tile

For many years Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring has been used throughout home and office environments with people drawn to aesthetic features and practical advantages over other products.

Luxury vinyl flooring has been around since the 1980’s but has come a very long way in terms of look and quality since its ancestors. Over the past decade they have spearheaded a charge to become the first choice of interior designers when it comes to homes.  Vinyl often arrives in individual pieces instead of the old vinyl sheets, consisting of layers to help with its long-lasting lifespan.

These consist of a protective wear layer which protects against scratches and scuffs, a clear layer protecting against rips or material tearing, a design layer to give appearance and a backing layer for structure and solidity. All of these together provide a tougher floor against hardwood or stone flooring.

Being able to replicate any style of surface on a cheaper budget, Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is the frontrunner for busy family homes, providing an easy cleanable, installation friendly, durable flooring option.


Much like vinyl flooring, laminate is very popular across the world for many years.

As with vinyl flooring, laminate is made up of layers which is topped with a photographic image under a protective layer. Like vinyl it is also easy to install and has many of the same qualities when it comes to scratch resistance, however it is recommended that for the best protection for laminate flooring, measures such as felt pads on furniture will help to provide a longer lasting life to the product.

Whilst laminate has many of the protective qualities as vinyl does, there is concern around it’s water resistance as it is not fully waterproof, but is able to handle spillages as long as they are not left to stand.

Laminate is perfect for kitchens contrary to some beliefs that they are not suited to areas with rising temperature or moisture, but for safety measures many would go with vinyl due to its many further qualities for this area of the house.

When sitting on the fence or suffering comparative confusion between the choices of laminate and Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring, there are many similar benefits and smaller differences depending on where you look to utilise the product.