Dissolve Pet Hair With Vamoosh!

If you have a dog which sheds a lot, then you’ll know that everything you own will always be covered in fur, and your lint roller will be your best friend. You may also have experienced the difficulty of washing pet bedding, perhaps opting for hand washing it to prevent your washing machine getting clogged up with pet fur. If there is one thing more annoying than dog hairs, it is wet dog hairs! So this product is a really excellent idea, and I was delighted to be sent some to try out by the friendly team at Vamoosh.

I poured a couple of sachets into the machine, then put in Fifi’s blankets and towels, then added in my usual detergent and washed on the highest setting. When the washing came out it smelt really clean and fresh and lovely, the colours were vibrant, and best of all – the fur had gone! And there was no fur lingering around in the drum of the washing machine.

Before Vamoosh

After Vamoosh

Vamoosh is a cruelty-free brand, meaning that it isn’t tested on animals, which just makes it even better!

This is a great product, I just hope they branch out into making a Vamoosh for human clothes too – the packaging says that it is only for pet bedding, but I have plenty of jumpers covered in fur that would benefit from some Vamooshing!