Flower Card

It was Mothering Sunday at the weekend, and I usually make my mum a card. I was about to start rifling through my craft drawers when the pile of rose petals on the floor caught my attention. I had never used real petals in a craft project before without pressing it first, so thought it would be interesting to see what happened.

I first attempted to glue them on, however that really didn’t work and the natural curve of the petal was preventing it from staying down. So then I moved on to plan B, the double sided tape! This seemed to work much better. I had some gold bridal petals that I had bought for a previous craft project, so I stuck them on with double sided tape too.

rose petal card

I chopped off a very thin slither of the green card, and stuck it in the middle. I tried spelling out ‘mum’ in the gold gems, but that didn’t work, so I picked them back off and just stuck them in each corner, and a couple in the middle of the flower.

rose petal craft

This card was pretty easy to make, didn’t take too long and looked lovely! However, you will struggle to get it in an envelope, and also it will not last long! I gave it to my mum on Sunday, and the next time I saw her, on Wednesday, pretty much all the petals had come off.. so it was just a few gold leaves remaining, didn’t look great…

So, all in all, this would be lovely for a short term thing, but it isn’t the sort of card that is going to be treasured forever! It would actually be lovely for a wedding, you could attach rose petals onto the place cards.. although as it is time sensitive it might be better just using faux petals.

So there we have it, if you want to use real petals in a craft project, you might want to think about pressing them first!

Christmas Cards

Making cards isn’t that hard, doesn’t take too long, and is such a great and personal way to wish someone a ‘Merry Christmas!’

Here are a few examples of quick and easy Christmas cards.

Embroidery Thread Christmas Tree

christmas card red stars

Use a pencil and ruler to draw on the outline of the tree, and mark on the points for the thread. Using a needle, make holes through the marked points.

instructions christmas card

Once you’ve done this, just sew the embroidery thread through the holes. You can add on whatever you like to the design. I used some spare stars which I had, but you can use anything to create a bauble effect.

You can create a more interesting design by incorporating other materials, for example alternating between wool and thread, as you can see below.

christmas card wool

You don’t need to stick a star on the top, if you want to be minimalistic you can just stick with the tree on its own.

Reindeer Card

reindeer card

So this one is really simple.. Use any leftover ribbon which compliments your card colour, and you can get hold of a whole array of card toppers from Hobbycraft. Use double sided tape to stick down the ribbon, strong glue for the reindeer, and if you have any extra bits you can just stick them on too! Time to rummage in the craft box!

Window Card

window card


You can either buy a pack of cards with pre-cut windows, or cut them yourself if you’ve got a good stanley knife! Then just cut embroidery thread to the length of the window, thread on the sequins, and use sellotape to fix it in place.