Visiting Yeadon Tarn

Yeadon is a town located 8 miles from Leeds, and is situated right next to Leeds Bradford Airport.

Adopting a Romanian Dog

Salami & Co Review

Salami & Co.

10 Market Place, Otley,  LS21 3AQ

I visited Salami & Co. in July, it was a bright sunny day and the lovely town of Otley in West Yorkshire was busy as it was the day of the annual Otley Food and Drink Festival. The market place was closed to traffic and the traders were setting up their stalls and beginning to sell food of all descriptions to the early morning crowd. Having heard great things about Salami & Co. I was pleased to finally get a chance to visit! It is, in fact, a dog-friendly coffee house and not as its name may suggest, a delicatessen. It is called Salami & Co as Salami is the name of one of the owner’s dachshunds.


I visited with my parents, and their dog, Dolly the Greyhound and Fifi my Romanian Rescue dog. Fifi is small enough to not cause much of a ruckus when we go to cafes, but Dolly with her long limbs and lack of understanding of the word ‘sit’ is a bit more difficult, and if you take her to a small cafe then everyone has to climb over her when she sprawls out all over the floor. So taking both of these dogs out somewhere is a real test of whether a place really is dog-friendly, and I’m pleased to say that Salami & Co. certainly is.

dining dogs

The place has a relaxing atmosphere and friendly, attentive staff and is easy to find being on the Main Street. The tables are quite high, perhaps intentionally so that your four-legged friends can lie comfortably underneath, which Dolly and Fifi both did for a brief moment! There are dog bowls, blankets and mats provided, and there is also a variety of drinks and treats which look good enough for human consumption!

hound menu  dog treats

The food that was being brought out to the other customers looked good and was well presented (very instagrammable!) and portion sizes seemed about right. There is an excellent selection of good quality coffee, which, by around ten on a Sunday morning is always a welcome sight!

salami&co coffee

For my breakfast order, I predictably chose the smashed avocado with a poached egg on sourdough, with feta cheese, roasted red peppers and chilli. It was absolutely delicious and sustained me throughout the rest of the day. I loved the little flower on top – it’s attention to detail like that which really makes a place special. You can tell that the husband and wife team running this operation really care about making their customers happy.

Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous this crockery is!

smashed avocado toast

The service was fairly fast as it was quite early and the place just had a few customers but I imagine it could get busy at peak times. The prices are what you might expect from a trendy coffee-house, a little on the expensive side, however, the food is all good quality and most definitely worth it. If you own a dog, or just like dogs, this is certainly the place for you! Some places just claim to be dog-friendly, but Salami & Co. really is, and they cater to every need your dog could have! If you feel like treating your dog to even more than just a Puppuccino, then they have a whole variety of lovely collars and leads in the little shop area near the front door.

dog-shop   dog things

Enlivened by our coffee we gathered up the dogs and left the delights of Salami & Co to head to Wetherby Racecourse so Dolly could hang out with her pals at the Northern Greyhound Gathering, a review of which can be read here.

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Homemade Dog Coat

Fifi doesn’t like rain, she won’t even get out of bed when she can hear that it is raining outside. But sometimes there isn’t time to wait for the rain to pass, especially here in Yorkshire! We went to Pets at Home to have a look at raincoats for her, however not only were they insanely expensive, but they were also not long enough for her. After hearing about this, my resourceful mum said she would make one for her, and here’s how she did it.

How to Make a Dog Coat out of an Apron

Have a look in the loft or go down to your local charity shop and have a look for an old plastic covered apron, it has to be a waterproof fabric.


Firstly, you have to check that the body of the apron actually fits around the body of the dog. If you have a little dog you can use a child’s apron.

Mark on the apron where the straps would go to fit under her chin and under her tummy. You then remove the neck strap and cut the waist ties down to size.

dog coat from apron

Fold over the edges at the top of the apron to create a head covering, then stitch into place. Stitch the remaining straps back on further down the coat and stitch on the velcro.


Create a hole where the dog’s collar or harness will be so that the lead can fit through. Use some of the remaining strap, and cut a piece twice as long as the hole, fold over the ends and stitch it over the hole. Then cut a hole in the middle of the fabric which lines up with the existing hole. Blanket stitch the material to the apron. This will reinforce the hole so that it doesn’t tear the apron/coat.

final dog coat

To help keep the coat in position and prevent the wind from blowing the end up, add on some elastic to the bottom corners for the dog’s legs to go through. To ensure a comfortable fit, measure the length of elastic required by putting the coat on the dog, and looping the elastic round. This will also help you to ensure that you’ve got the elastic in the right place for the dog’s legs. Remember to leave enough space for the dog’s leg to be posted through the elastic loop whilst the coat is on.

Et Voilà

Here is the finished product! As you can see the top strap fits around her chest, and the strap below fits around under her tummy. The top of the apron provides a head cover, especially good if your dog doesn’t like to get its head wet! Cardboard could be added into the head section to make a firmer rim to stop it from flapping about in the wind.

fifi wearing the coat


11 Things That Happen When You Become a Dog-Owner

Since adopting my little Romanian rescue dog, my life has changed greatly, and if you’re thinking of getting a dog, here’s a glimpse into what the future could hold for you! And if you are trying to decide between adopting or buying from a breeder, choose adoption!

  1. You quickly learn the name of every dog living in a 10-mile radius of you.Staffie on Ilkley Moor
  2. You’ll swap your handbag for a rucksack because you suddenly need to always have leads, harness, blanket, treats, poo bags, dog coat and human coat on you at all time!
    greyhound in coat
  3. When anyone suggests going anywhere your first thought is always ‘is it dog friendly?… can my dog come’?
    dog in blanket
  4. You stop buying yourself anything, and all the time you used to spend online shopping is now spent hanging out in Pets at Home or browsing online dog accessory shops.
    dog in passenger seat
  5. Whenever anyone asks what you want for your birthday or Christmas you instantly ask for things for the dog.
    christmas dog
  6. You stop meeting up with friends in bars and instead ask them to join you on a dog walk.
    dogs on leads
  7. When you’re not with them you wish you could text them to see how they are.
    cute sleeping dog
  8. You spend more time arranging play dates for them than you do arranging your own social calendar.
    dog friends
  9.  When you go on holiday without them you spend your whole time away asking whoever is looking after them how they are, and every time you pass a dog you have to stroke it and think about how much you wish your dog was there. If you can’t bear to leave your dog-child behind then you can find information about travelling with your dog here! 🙂
    suitcase dog
  10. If someone doesn’t like your dog then you know you’ll never be friends. But if someone is nice to your dog you’ll love them forever!
    sleeping like dog
  11. When your dog is happy, you are happy!❤️
    Fifi GIF

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this list! If you want more cute dog pictures, check out my review of Otley’s wonderful dog-friendly cafe!