Homemade Anniversary Gift

If you are looking for ruby wedding anniversary gifts for your parents or friends, then why not make something? This is a fun and easy 40th anniversary present to make, it is so simple, but I think it looks lovely.

If you want to make something to show how much you care and are looking for anniversary craft ideas, then this is the perfect thing. I picked up all the components from Hobbycraft, and I still had lots of bits left over afterwards too for future crafting!

Here are the things you’ll need;

As long as you stick with the colour theme of red and gold, you can use any gems. The ones I’ve listed above are self-adhesive so they are really quick and easy to use. And they are so sparkly!!!

So, firstly make sure that the paper you’ve got fits inside the frame – if not then trim it down to shape. You can then draw on the heart shape very lightly in pencil. If you are going to add the ’40’ sticker or write a message below, then make sure you leave room for it.

Now onto the fun part – filling in the heart shape! I used a regular and a mini heart shaped punch to easily get lots of heart shapes. I already had loads of scraps of paper in my crafting folder, so I was able to get some different shades of red & gold from there. You could use newspapers or magazines, it shouldn’t take too long to find a few red or gold things you can use the hole puncher on.

You can see from the picture below the way in which I have added the heart shapes, I just tried to spread them out as much as possible. Once you’ve filled in the heart, you won’t be able to see the pencil outline anymore, and it should look lovely. You can then add on the extras from the ’40’ pack.

If you like the look of the anniversary card above, then you can find out how to make it here.