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bridal flower pressed

Pressed flowers, in general, are lovely, but if they have a sentimental attachment, they can make for a really personal gift. At a wedding I went to a few years ago, I was given the bouquet my the beautiful bride, my Aunt Maya. You can see the original bouquet below ?


I thought it would be nice to press the flowers. I wrapped them in newspaper (to prevent staining) in my hardback book of wildlife and animal photography. I also kept the silk which was wrapped around the flowers. After a few years, I thought it was time to do something with the pressed flowers. Christmas was coming up so I thought it would make for the perfect gift.

bridal flower pressed

As you can see, it is quite minimalistic, but I didn’t want to do anything to distract from the main flower. I just used yellow card, as it brought out the purple tones in the petals the best. I already had the border in my craft box, but you could easily just cut your own out of thick card with a Stanley knife. I used an A4 frame that I had spare, but you could get one very inexpensively from your local ‘bits and bobs shop’, Boyes is good for that sort of thing.

I embroidered their names and the date of the wedding onto the silk and popped it in. When I gave them it at Christmas they really liked it, and it was probably a bit of a surprise that I had kept the flower seeing as the wedding was in 2013!

This would be a lovely wedding anniversary gift. At most important occasions there are flowers, so its always a nice idea to take some away with you and press them, then you will always have a part of that day to remember.

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