Village Hall Wedding Ideas

Village hall weddings are growing in popularity, with people enjoying the freedom it brings. You can start with a blank canvas, and decorate it exactly how you like. It is also a heck of a lot cheaper than having it at a hotel or other venue, and you can hire whichever caterers you like, and best of all there is no corkage fee!

If you are into crafting, then you’ll love all the opportunities for making beautiful decorations, however if you don’t have the time you can find most things online, or can commision decorations to be made to your specification.

If you are looking to have your official wedding ceremony in a village hall, then you’ll have to choose one which is approved – you can see the list here. Alternatively, you can have the actual ceremony somewhere else, then go on to have the reception in the village hall.

Celebrating your marriage in a village hall can be done throughout the year, as it can be decorated to reflect the season.


Having a village hall wedding in spring means that you can spend those long winter nights crafting lovely decorations in preparation. Spring is synonymous with the start of new beginnings, so it seems like the perfect time to start your journey together as a newly married couple. It is the season for Tulips, Daffodils & Bluebells which will make for beautiful table decorations. If your wedding is around Easter time then you can have fun making Easter decorations, and can give easter eggs as your wedding favours.

Roses, sweet peas, peonies and dahlias are just some of the flowers you’ll find are readily available during the summer months. Of course, in England you can never have guaranteed sunshine, however you’ve got the best chance of a sunny day during the summer. If the village hall has an outside area then this will be great for a summer wedding, and guests can enjoy partying into the night.


A village hall wedding in autumn is so fun to decorate. You can have colourful pumpkins, fairy lights, and have vibrant table decorations covered in orange and red leaves. Calla lilies are a popular choice for an autumn wedding. If you have your wedding on Bonfire Night then you can enjoy the fireworks, and provide sparklers for your guests to make the evening even more magical.

Winter weddings can be stunning, think furry shawls, ivy, pinecones and candles. Colours which are often used are whites, greens and golds, and you could have white roses and beautifully decorated winter wreaths. If you wanted more colour you could add in dark purple accessories and bridesmaid dresses. A hot chocolate & marshmallow stand is a must, and you could give out little bags of hot chocolate and mini bottles of baileys as the wedding favours.

I’d like to say thank you to Susan from The Yorkshire Dales Flower Company for allowing me to incorporate her Pinterest boards into this post.

I met Susan years ago at a farmers market in Skipton, and I remember looking through her photo albums of pictures from her garden, and thinking how nice it was. I especially like that she is a dog person too! Susan uses seasonal homegrown flowers, which is why she was the perfect person to team up with for this post.

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