How to Make Your Gifts Extra Special

If you’re the sort of organised and thoughtful person who buys people presents well in advance and enjoys wrapping them and making them look nice, then you will love this personalised wrapping paper from the Yorkshire based

You can get wrapping paper to match your greetings card, and you can use it to celebrate any occasion. I was kindly sent some wrapping paper and a greetings card for my mum’s birthday. Dolly the greyhound is the star of the show here, and you can see how well the image has been printed on the card and the wrapping paper. I was worried it might look grainy but was very pleasantly surprised with how well it came out.


The wrapping paper was good quality, not too thin that it easily tore, but not too thick that it was hard to fold and stick – it was just right! It also had the guidelines on the back so I could cut it neatly along the lines which was very handy. You can see them faintly in the image below.

back gift wrap

It also comes with lovely matching gift tags, which really adds the perfect finishing touch.

gift tags

This wrapping paper really does add an extra special element to gift giving. I think it would be particularly lovely at Christmas, maybe I will order some festive wrapping paper with pictures of the dogs in their Christmas jumpers!


I would certainly recommend this personalised wrapping paper, I think it is lovely. Dom and Geri are a great Yorkshire business, and they only use materials from renewable resources.

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