Myths About Veganism You Might Fall For

When you start to think about going vegan, you’ll definitely be completing research on this change. Or at least, you should be. You need to know how this is going to impact your body and your health. Unfortunately, when you start searching online, you’ll stumble upon a lot of myths about veganism that are marketed as the truth. It’s important to dispel these myths so that you’re left with the truth of this diet choice. Here are a few of the misassumptions you might find about veganism online.


The Vegan Diet Is Tasteless

It’s understandable why people might assume this. When you go vegan, you will be cutting a lot of things out of your diet including dairy and all types of meat obviously. It’s easy to assume that this means the meals you are left with are going to be tasteless, but that’s not the case at all. There are two reasons for this.

First, going vegan is also often couple in a massive reduction in sugary products. As such, you’ll be able to taste the naturally sweet flavours of veg, fruit and other products that have been overpowered by the processed foods in your diet.

As well as this, the vegan diet will encourage you to explore different recipes and foods together, creating fresh meals that you might love more than the meat and the dairy that you have previously been used to. It’s exciting, exotic and gives your mealtime new life.

It’s All About Losing Weight

You might think that the only benefit to your health of the vegan lifestyle is an increased chance of losing weight. It’s true, once you go vegan, you are more likely to lose weight, particularly when compared to a low-calorie diet. However, that’s just one advantage of the vegan diet.

You might have been having issues with fertility and you may be leaning towards male factor infertility treatment. Before you look at possibilities such as artificial insemination, you should consider changing your diet. Studies show that on a vegan diet, you are more likely to conceive, more fertile, and in general will have a higher sex drive. That’s just one of the incredible health benefits.

It Makes You Weak

One of the most damaging myths surrounding the vegan lifestyle is that it makes your body weak. However, Germany’s strongest man, a French kickboxer and two of the world’s greatest tennis players are all vegans. Protein is the main source of strength and essential to building muscle. You can get protein from various food sources, even if you are on a vegan diet.

It’s Just About Food

It’s not true, vegans won’t get involved in anything involving the exploitation of animals. This means that once you go vegan, you may need to have a hunt through your wardrobe as well. You should also check to see if any of the products you use are tested on animals. A lot of companies are still guilty of this practice.

I hope this helps you avoid some of the myths floating around about the vegan lifestyle. You can always ease yourself into vegan life by starting off as a vegetarian. All my recipes are vegetarian, and you can check them out here.

Below is a handy vegan guide from Thrive Cuisine.

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