Jileon Wellies!!!

I’ve been wearing Jileon Wellies for over a year now, and I bloody love them! Seriously, if you’re blessed with sturdy calves which regular wellies can’t accommodate, then you need to get yourself some of these fabulous Jileon wellies! They are super comfy, fully waterproof, durable and so pretty!!! You don’t have to compromise on anything, they are super!

Being a dog-mum means walks are not optional, so come rain or shine, you’ll find me strutting about through woodlands, fields, parks, and moors! These wellies are an absolute godsend and I am so glad I found them!

I actually love being outside in the rain, when I’ve got on my wellies and a big brolly it is fun! These wellies have not let me down, and they’ve walked many miles, and still pass the standing in a river test of waterproofness!

These are my favourite wellies so far, I wear size wide, but they give very clear instructions on how to properly measure your calf so you get the correct fit! If you fancy getting yourself some, you can use code “IZZYDAB10” to get a 10% discount. (I don’t get any commission if you do that – my views are 100% genuine and I’m not being paid to say anything!)

Thank you Jileon for making these fabulous boots, so that everyone can feel wonderful in wellies!