Izzy’s Tips for a Great Night Sleep

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If I have a bad night’s sleep it has a terrible impact on the day after, I’m grumpy, make mistakes, get blotchy skin and am so much less productive. When you’ve got a lot on your mind it is often very difficult to fall asleep, especially when you’ve got an early start the next day, and the pressure of trying to get to sleep is just an extra thing to worry about!
I have now found the perfect solution, which 100% works every time – which is a real blessing for worrywarts like me!

In order to prepare for bed, have a nice shower or bath with a relaxing lavender scented bath gel, get into nice comfy pajamas and get settled into bed. I like to apply this sleep balm from Kiss the Moon to my wrists and temples, it smells lovely, but the scent isn’t overwhelming and it is instantly very calming. The Yorkshire based company, Kiss the Moon, is natural, cruelty-free and provides a whole range of gorgeous products to help you get to sleep whilst nourishing your skin. Perfect!

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In the summer I like to wear my sleep mask so that I don’t get woken up too early by the sun – (we don’t have very good curtains!). My final tip and this one is one of the best things I have ever discovered, is to listen to a bedtime story on the Calm app – they are amazing! Around 30 minutes long, and just so relaxing, if your mind is full of worries and thoughts, this is the perfect distraction and allows you to gently nod off. It then just stops playing after it is over, so you don’t need to worry about turning it off or it draining your battery – and you can download the stories in seconds to your phone so you can turn off your WiFi/3G.
The app also has music and meditation but I’ve only ever used it for sleep – it also has a naps options where it will play you a story to send you off to sleep, but then wake you up again with gentle music after 30 minutes – this is the only way I can ever nap in the day. Listening to anything narrated by Stephen Fry is the most pleasant way to doze off! You can do a 7-day free trial just to see if you like it – (nobody is paying me to say this, I just genuinely think it is great and am so grateful to be getting a guaranteed good night’s sleep!) – https://www.calm.com/freetrial/plans



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Of course, another excellent way of having a good night’s sleep is to have your dog in the bed with you! This is especially true if you are a woman, studies show that women who share their beds with a dog reported significantly better and more restful sleep! (If you don’t have a got but are thinking about getting one, remember #adoptdontshop – check out my post on Romanian rescue here!)