What I Would Buy If I Won The Lottery

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We all dream of the things we could buy if we won the lotto. Of course, if money were no issue, life would become pretty different. Would you tell everyone that you had won? Would you still go to work or would you just become a lady of leisure? Being a not particularly materialistic person means that its hard to know what I’d choose to do with the money should I win, however below are the first things that come to mind.

Pay Off the Mortgage

With how stressful moving house was the last time, I don’t think I would fancy moving house, plus I’ve put a lot of time and energy into creating a home that I love. I would certainly pay off the mortgage though, living mortgage free would be a great feeling. Although I wouldn’t want to move house, I might be another few properties so that I could go on holiday whenever I liked. Although it would be a lot of upkeep to keep the houses looked after, so maybe I’d just stick with Airbnb but I’d get the most expensive fancy stays.


I would go on amazing holidays to all the places which I’ve always wanted to go to. It would be amazing to stay in beautiful hotels and go out to see the sights and try new food. Of course, I’d have to take the dog with me, so I’d need a private jet. I’d also need a personal assistant for the dog, so that she can be cared for when I go to spas or into places that dogs can’t go.

The best thing would be being able to take my friends and family with me, so they can visit places in luxury and style too.

Dogs Dogs Dogs

I would donate a huge percentage of my winnings to my favourite dog rescue charities, there are dogs all over the world who are in need of a loving home. There are lots of costs associated with rescuing and rehoming dogs, they need to have their medical bills paid for, they need passports etc if they’re coming from a foreign country. They need food and shelter and when they arrive they might need to spend some time with a dog trainer. There are so many incredible selfless people out there who dedicate their time to helping dogs, so to be able to give them a huge donation would be incredible. Also, spay and neuter campaigns are really important in countries like Romania, if more dogs are spayed and neutered then there will be fewer unwanted puppies, and that means less suffering and pain for puppies that can’t be cared for.

A Personal Chef

I would absolutely love to have a personal chef that just came round to cook me delicious vegetarian meals all the time. They would know all the things I enjoy and would make me tasty meals, there would be lots of halloumi!

I’d also get a flower subscription to get beautiful flowers delivered to me all the time!