Candle Making

Making candles is actually much easier than it sounds. It is a great way to make lovely presents for people, and also if you spill any of the scented oil on yourself then you’ll smell amazing for the whole day.


All you need to do is find a vessel for your candle, I love the teacup candle trend. I found these teacups at an antique centre, filled them with some Christmas scented wax, and finished it up with a pretty ribbon. The perfect Christmas present!


If you are interested in getting started with candle making, here are the main tools for the job;

  • Pouring Jug  (A 1k jug will yield about 2 teacups worth of wax)
  • Candlemaking Thermometer
  • EcoSoya Wax – Environmentally friendly 🙂
  • Scents
  • Pre-tabbed Wicks
  • Glue Dots
  • Candle Holders (Here you can see the sort of thing other people have used)
  • Wick Supports (You can make this yourself, see below)

Candle Making

My wick supports (two white sticks joined with blue rubber bands) came as part of my candle starter kit but it would be very easy to make your own. Just cut a skewer in half and fix with rubber bands, or use two lollypop sticks.

Once you’ve got all that its just a case of melting the wax, adding in the fragrance, sticking the wick into whatever you choose to hold the candle, pouring the wax in, and letting it set for a couple of days. And there you have a beautiful and thoughtful gift. 🙂

See below a great basic video by eHow so you can learn how to make candles.. enjoy!

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