6 Underrated Housewarming Gift Ideas

When someone moves into a new home, it’s always nice to gift them something to help them settle in. But as we’re all pretty specific with our tastes, it can be tricky to find a gift that they’ll really like and actually use. You might think a candle smells amazing, but your friend might not be able to stand the smell. Cushions and soft furnishings are always a go-to, but what if you don’t know their colour scheme yet? 

It’s best to keep things as generic as possible unless you specifically know the style they’re going for. That’s why we’re sharing six underrated housewarming gift ideas you’ve probably not thought of. 

Something From Home 

Those that have moved far away from home might appreciate a little keepsake or memento from their hometown. You could choose a different more personal sort of gift by finding out if there were any of their relatives who ever lived in the area with the Genealogy Bank. Some other ideas are to order personalized jigsaws of their hometown, or perhaps there’s a bakery they absolutely love that does a delivery service? 


How many of us actually invest in good cutlery sets? While our parents might have a fancy dinner service stashed in the attic, most of us will use the cutlery we’ve already got or whatever’s cheap. This is why high-quality, long-lasting cutlery sets are such a good gift idea: Nobody else will think of it, and it’s one of those things they probably don’t realise they need. Cutlery UK have a huge range of silver, stainless steel, or plated cutlery that will not only look great but will stand the tests of time. 

A Fluffy Pillow

Again, while a lot of us will buy fresh duvet covers and pillowcases, we’re still sleeping on the pillows from our childhood bedroom that followed us to university and then into our first home. Nobody says ‘fresh new start’ like a fluffy pillow to rest their head on after a big day of unpacking. 

Slow Cooker

There’s something about moving house that feels like a fresh start – in every aspect of life. So why not motivate them into good habits of meal prepping and home-cooked food with a slow cooker. Slow cookers are definitely a kitchen staple for busy couples and families, so if they’re not already obsessed with their own, moving house is the perfect time to gift them one. 

Shower Speaker

If this is their first home, the time where they can freely sing in the shower has come! Making a Bluetooth shower speaker an exceptional housewarming gift. Connect to your phone, and stick to the side of the shower to get your groove on. 

A Guide for their Local Area

Some towns and cities have their own food, drink, and attractions guides that can be bought or ordered online. This is a great idea for anyone who hasn’t yet explored their local area. Often, these guides will show different places off the beaten track, so they’ll be able to find themselves a new favourite bar or go-to restaurant.

The above housewarming gift ideas are simple, underrated, and low risk. Nobody is not going to enjoy singing to their favourite tunes in the shower, nor can they complain about fancy cutlery.