Preparing for Autumn

Autumn is officially here… woohooooo! I love autumn – walking through piles of crunchy leaves, looking up at the beautiful colours of the trees, wearing leggings and boots and snuggly jumpers & bulk buying Baileys and chocolate oranges!

Also – How cute was the Google doodle on Friday!! 😀

fall equinox google

Here is a list of some of the things I couldn’t survive autumn without, and also some of the things on my wishlist!

Some of the below links are affiliate links, meaning that I may earn a small commission, but at no extra cost to you 🙂

  1. Woodwick Candles – These candles crackle when they burn, giving the effect of a crackling fire burning in the hearth. Perfect if you don’t have access to a real log fire! They are made with soy wax and an organic wooden wick, so you’ll get a slow and clean burn of up to 100 hours! If you want to make your own candles, see how here.
  2. Fleece Headband – Headbands are perfect, they keep your ears warm without all the problems hats cause (e.g. crazy hair and overheating!) The Sherpa brand is lovely as the products help provide sustainable jobs for women in Nepal.
  3. Lumie Bodyclock – One of the downsides of autumn is the dark mornings when the alarm goes off and it feels like it is still the middle of the night. I think these alarm clocks are genius, and I’m going to be getting one shortly, so I’ll do a review of it when I do.
  4. Footsie Blanket – I got one of these last winter, and it is the best thing ever. If you’re prone to getting chilly feet but don’t want to leave the sofa to hunt for fluffy socks, this is perfect. Also makes a great gift 🙂
  5. Mulled Wine Lip Balm – Not just any mulled wine lip balm… this is M&S mulled wine lip balm! Meaning that it is cruelty-free and fabulous!
  6. Vanilla Pumpkin Hand Cream – Speaking of cruelty-free and fabulous…The Body Shop’s new autumnal range is here, and it sounds amazing. Hand cream is always essential as we move into the colder months. Keep some on your desk at work, and keep your hands moisturised as well as smelling like a vanilla pumpkin!
    vanilla pumpkin body shop
  7. Slow Cooker – What’s more comforting on a chilly commute home than knowing that you’ve got a warm meal waiting for you when you get in! As much as people talk about casseroles, slow cookers are actually great for vegetarians too, here are some veggie slow cooker recipes in case you’re interested.
  8. Thermal Mug – If you’re eager for your Pumpkin Spice Latte fix, then get a travel mug and save money! Starbucks, will give you a 25p discount on your drink if you bring your own mug, and it helps save the environment too. You can also make your own drinks at home and take them with you when you leave the house.
  9. Rose Gold Pumpkin Light – How gorgeous is this pumpkin light! It is battery operated so you can put it anywhere you like, and it will last up to 120 hours before the batteries need replacing.
  10. Bottle Lights – When you’ve finished off a bottle of wine, you can turn it into a cool lamp by popping in this rechargeable bottle light.
  11. Pac a Mac – Always a good idea to have a mac to hand in case of blustery showers! Also, a cheerful and sturdy brolly is essential year round! Autumnal strolls are wonderful, but make sure you have the correct footwear – I love these sausage dog wellies! 😀
  12. Moisture Trap – During the summer it’s nice to have the windows open for a breeze, but as we move into autumn, an open window is an ice blast so the windows stay firmly shut. This can result in a moisture build-up as the humidity has no way out, so to stop condensation and dampness, get a moisture trap, and keep it topped up.

So there we have it, I hope you enjoyed reading my autumnal list! I’m off to collect some leaves for a winter crafting session!

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