Going Plant-Based: How To Ease Yourself Into A Vegan Diet

Every year, there’s a new fad diet. From Atkins to paleo and everything in between, there seems to be a new diet out there for every season. 

One diet that’s not going away is veganism. Known by some as a plant-based diet, veganism has been around for decades, but it has taken hold in recent years among consumers and companies alike

Going vegan is a lifestyle choice that can be liberating and enjoyable, if done right. Still, it can also be an incredibly difficult transition, especially if you weren’t even vegetarian before. 

With 86% of the UK population currently enjoying meat in their diets, many individuals who are planning on going vegan will probably eat some form of meat currently. Transitioning from a carnivore to a vegan can be jarring and lead you to slip back into your meat-eating ways. 

Perhaps the best approach to transitioning into a plant-based diet is to move slowly. Here are some tips to help you adjust your diet for the betterment of the environment, the global animal population and, most importantly, yourself. 

Cut Out One Ingredient At A Time 

Getting rid of all the foods you love at once can be overwhelming. While it might seem easy at the beginning, you’ll quickly start to struggle, and you might find yourself slipping back into your old ways. Instead of cutting out meat cold turkey (pun intended), try cutting out one animal product at a time. Begin with something very bad for the environment, like steak or lamb, and then transition to smaller animals, like chicken. You can then shift to plant-based dairy products. It will take time, but this approach will make turning vegan easier and- hopefully- more enjoyable. 

Avoid Processed Foods 

As veganism becomes more popular, companies are working to capitalise on this by creating new plant-based products. These foods are delicious and interesting, but they’re also full of salt, sugar and additives, all of which can be bad for your health. Also, eating a lot of these processed foods can lead to food intolerances. If you notice that you’re struggling to digest a particular ingredient, then you could check if you’re intolerant to it. Take a food intolerance test from a leading supplier like UK Food Intolerance to see if you have an issue. You can then adjust your diet, if required, to ensure that you stay healthy and enjoy the plant-based treats you love. 

Make Plant-Based Versions Of Your Favourite Meals 

One of the reasons that plant-based processed meats and meals, like fake bacon and cheese, are popular is that they remind people of the foods they enjoy currently. You can get this same look and taste by making some of your favourite meals without the meat or dairy. Some meals, such as chilli, most pasta dishes and curries, can easily be made vegan. All you have to do is start using beans, legumes or veggies as a substitute for meat. You can either remove the dairy or replace it with natural alternatives, such as nutritional yeast or pureed nuts. 

Becoming plant-based can change your life, reduce your carbon footprint and limit animal cruelty and factory farming. Use these tips to help you make the change from meat-eater to vegan and stick with your new convictions.