Great Gifts for Expectant Mums

If you are gift shopping for a friend or family member who is pregnant, then there are some wonderful ways you can give them a thoughtful present.

For many first-time parents, the cost of having a baby can be difficult to manage. Giving gifts that are going to be practical and useful for when the child arrives is a good way to help relieve this financial burden.

You might feel as though it is better to gift somebody an item that they can use for themselves, but when it comes to expecting mums, they will likely be grateful for this extra help!

Gifts for Mealtimes

If you have a child yourself, then you will already know how challenging the chaos of mealtimes can be. 

There are so many wonderful products to help simplify feeding time, both in terms of making meal preparation easier and also for helping to reduce the associated mess.

A weaning tray is a brilliant gift for expecting mums, and you can purchase a high-quality one from EasyTots. The strong suction of these trays can help to ensure the food stays on the table and not all over the floor.

Clothes and Accessories

Children obviously do a lot of growing during their first few years of life, and this can mean the cost of clothing for a child seriously adds up.

Buying baby clothes as a gift for an expecting mum is a very thoughtful way to help them during this time. 

As well as different items of clothing, you can also buy accessories, such as hats, socks, shoes, and anything else that you think a baby might wear. 

Gift Vouchers

A gift voucher might initially seem like a very impersonal gift, but for expecting mums, this is actually quite thoughtful. You never know what she might not yet have bought for her baby, so a gift voucher for a relevant retailer can allow her to spend the money as she wants.

It is a good idea to find a baby shop that also has an online store so that your friend has both options available to her when she is spending her gift voucher.

A Present for Mum

Being pregnant can place a great deal of strain on the body, and this can take an emotional toll. Although it is of course very helpful to give a gift that is going to help once the baby arrives, it is also nice to consider a present that is simply for your friend to enjoy.

This could include a voucher for a spa day or a massage or could be an invitation for a fancy meal out together at her favourite restaurant. You surely already know what it is that your friend would find relaxing and fun, so give some thought to what it is that she would truly enjoy.

If you are unsure what your friend would like as a gift that is just for herself, then do not be afraid to ask. She will surely appreciate the additional effort and thought that you are putting into her gift by asking for her opinion.