Quick and Easy Christmas Decorations That Anyone Can Make

Everyone loves to beautifully decorate their home at Christmas time. However, we don’t always have the time or money to make it look exactly how we want – but don’t worry, here are some options that offer a festive look, quickly and easily.

Any room, home or office can enjoy a festive makeover in the blink of an eye (well, not that fast but still pretty fast!), with very little fuss and stress. For inspiration, take a look at these quick and easy Christmas decoration ideas that you can create and feel proud of once they’re hanging in your home.

Ornament Lantern

Instead of placing a generic candle inside a lantern, use LED tealights for a Christmassy feel without the worry. Great to place next to a fireplace or beside the front door, these lanterns can then twinkle away gently, providing a lovely festive ambience.

Christmas Bowl

It’s never been easier to make your own bowl packed full of Christmas potpourri, pine cones and cinnamon sticks, and it’s another easy one for the kids to help with. Using a blown up balloon to get your shape, cut strips off Mod Roc that’s been dipped into water and then smooth it over the balloon. The Mod Roc will cling to the balloon as long as you build one layer at a time and let it dry firm before adding the next layer.

Once completely dry, lift off the balloon and paint the bowl gold and silver, adding some glitter too (if you wish). As the Mod Roc is dry, it’ll be easy to cut with scissors should you need to trim the edges. Once the bowls are completed, add items inside and there you have it – a perfect table centrepiece.

A Mini Winter Wonderland

Using a large jar, you can create your very own mini winter wonderland. With some fake snow or even salt as your base, simply place a small house, a couple of mini trees, a snowman ornament and Santa inside, and then you’ve got the perfect Christmas decoration to place on the shelf.

Washi Tape Christmas Trees

These are super quick, easy to make and look great in a huddle of three different sizes – big, medium and large. All you need is to make some paper mache cones and paint them white. Once they’re dry, apply your washi tape at the top point of the cone and go straight down. Continuing applying tape until the cone is completely covered and then you’re all done.

Pine Cone Bow Ornament

To make these, get some Jute string, cut a piece that will be long enough to attach to your pinecone and fit around a branch on your tree. Glue the two ends to the top of the pine cone, then tie a bow out of some ribbon. Attach the bow to the top of the pine cone with some glue and make sure the ribbon ends hang down the side of the cone.

Thread Christmas Cards

Using a pencil, lightly draw on the Christmas tree outline, then puncture holes into the edges, and thread the cotton through the holes. You can include sequins and as much sparkle as you like. Looks super, and very fun to do with the kids. You can see how to make these easy Christmas cards here. 

Salt Dough Decorations

This is perfect to get the little ones involved with and as it’s really hands-on they’ll love making their very own salt dough decoration. Grab a large mixing bowl and add flour and salt, stirring until well combined, then slowly pour in warm water while still stirring. It will soon become too hard to stir with a spoon, so ask the kids to get stuck in here, using their hands to mix it well. Once the dough starts to come together, knead it with your hands until it’s smooth.

Roll it out onto a large piece of parchment paper until it’s flat and then use your shape cutters to cut out your decorations. Place your parchment paper and decorations onto a baking tray then into the oven for an hour on 300°F. Once baked, it’s time to decorate however you wish, using different colour paints. To finish, add a piece of string and hang from the tree.

With all these options you’ll be spoilt for choice! Which easy Christmas decorations will you be making this year? Another great festive tradition is Secret Santa – check out my ideas for office Secret Santa themes here.

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