6 Tips For Decorating Your Wedding Venue

If you have a big occasion coming up, such as a wedding, you will need to ensure that the room looks fabulous in order to wow your guests. With so many other things to think about, this can be a lot easier said than done, because the chances are that your mind will be on one thousand other things. So, I’ve compiled a list of the top six tips for decorating any blank canvas wedding venue, such as a village hall. If you follow this guide, then you are assured to dazzle your guests…

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1. Table Centrepieces

Obviously, you will need centrepieces on each table in any wedding venue. But you need to contemplate which type will suit the room you are in, for instance, when considering that you are dealing with a large space it is advisable to go for big and tall table pieces in order to ensure that the room does not look too spacious and empty.

2. Colours

Think carefully about the colour scheme you are going to use. Whilst you obviously do not want to be bland, be careful not to incorporate an entire rainbow of colours as this can look confused and messy and take away the overall wow feeling you get when you enter the room because your eyes won’t know where to look. I initially said I wanted my wedding to just be colourful, but thinking about it a bit more I think I need to organise some sort of colour scheme to stop it from looking too messy. 

3. Break Away From Tradition

If you want an original and impressive reception room then try and break away from the traditional elements, such as seating arrangements, which are the norm. For instance, instead of having the bride and groom table at the head of the room, why not have it in the centre? 

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4. Play with Different Shapes

In this day and age, plates, tables and placemats don’t come in just square or circular. There are a whole host of exciting and intricate shapes which can add an extra element of style and grandeur to a venue. This is a great thing to play about with, especially if you want to stay away from the obvious contemporary décor.

5. Tie it in With the Catering

Are you going to have an elaborate sit-down fine-dining meal? If so, the decor needs to reflect this level of class and elegance. Food trucks are perfect for weddings with a fun and laid back vibe, giving you more room to inject some personality into the decor. We’re thinking of having a pizza truck! 

6. Split into Sections

One of the best ways to divide up a large room and also make it look more exciting and interesting is to split it up into different sections. For instance, you can have an area to act as a dance floor, a specific section screened off for food, and even a separate section for those just having a drink and a chat. This does not mean you have to completely exclude guests from one and other, just be careful and clever with the spacing.

If you follow these top six decorating tips, you will get the very best out of your wedding reception venue. Remember, if you want to impress your guests, then showcase personality and liveliness through your decorations. This can be achieved via experimenting with colours and shapes and considering table pieces, sections and the contemporary trends.