Why You Should Consider Buying Artificial Trees


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Landscaping trends are dynamic and tricky. You may get exceptional landscapes with minimal requirements or even may end up spending a lot doing nothing. So, you should think wisely about your landscaping investments and plan it properly. Using natural ingredients like plants, shrubs or other forms of greenery in landscaping is the coolest of landscaping trends and will stay in fashion, thanks to the extraordinary approach to landscaping décor and natural beauty in greenery which spreads peaceful and charming vibes in the landscape.

Natural greenery and its side effects

Natural greenery can be a primary landscaping item, but it has some serious drawbacks you don’t want to be facing.

  • Perishable nature- the perishable tendency of the real plants and flowers make them unsuitable at many places. After all, everyone wants the best return on their investment.
  • High maintenance- natural flowers need regular watering, pruning and hence, more investment which makes it unsuitable for many locations.
  • Requirements- the basic requirements of the natural greenery like sunlight, water, optimum conditions, etc. make them unsuitable for indoor and other locations.
  • Other drawbacks- many attractive natural plants and flowers attract insects which disturb the hygienic environment at corporate offices. Seasonal nature of many attractive plants also makes it unsuitable for landscaping.

Ideal landscaping décor

You will be surprised to know that you can easily overcome the side effects of natural greenery by using faux greenery and it will give better effects in landscaping at commercial locations. It can also prove to be ideal in any professional landscapes with its elegant natural vibes and loads of features exactly suitable for use in landscapes.

Artificial greenery defined

Artificial greenery comprises of real looking botanical products made of the finest materials with modern technology to give a lot of additional benefits like fire retardation by materials made using ThermaLeaf technology and long lasting colors by using PermaLeaf grade pigments. To make them real looking, real wood is used at some places, in some trees and they look amazingly real with the natural glaze and fresh look like any natural plants.

The main reason they are widely used as landscaping décor is the customizable nature as they come in all shapes and sizes. Let’s take a look at the advantages of the faux greenery in details.

Advantages of artificial greenery as commercial landscaping decor

  • Customizable- artificial greenery comes in all types and forms, allowing you to a vast range of choices. You can pick your favorite artificial plant item of the exact required size.
  • Finest quality- the material used in making the items are of finest quality and will give the exact appearance of a real plant. The colors and pigments used in manufacturing the items are also of top quality due to PermaLeaf technology, making them durable even in outdoor conditions (direct sun, UV exposure, rains or snow).
  • No regional barrier- regional plants can also be used outside their natural habitat by using faux greenery. It is impossible with the natural variants of those plants and trees.
  • Pure beauty- if there is anything the real looking fake greenery will add to your commercial landscapes, its pure beauty, and elegance which will go a long way in giving a classy look.
  • Premium landscaping- the premium standard landscaping makes the faux plants the latest trend in landscaping.

Suitable landscapes

The amazing artificial plants, trees, foliage, palm trees and other faux botanical items are perfect for any commercial landscape like casinos, hotels and resorts, bars and restaurants, amusement parks, hospitals, government offices, public buildings, shopping malls, corporate sector and much more. You can create a posh or themed landscape anywhere with the faux tropical plants and trees effortlessly.

Faux greenery

The small faux plants comprise of the flowering plants, bushes and shrubs, cactus, and a wide range of grasses. Etc. The foliage comprises of various artificial boxwood varieties which are available in hedges, rolls, and screen. Customizable topiaries also fall under the category. Then you have the wide range of big trees including the palms, pines, a variety of deciduous, tropical bamboo and evergreen trees to brighten any landscape. Small faux products like garlands, branches, and leaves help in filling the gaps in the artificial landscapes at commercial areas.

You can also pick various associated items like planters, plant bases, designer pots, etc. for setting up the designer plants in your landscape. Let’s go into some indoor and outdoor applications of the faux greenery.

Indoor landscaping décor

Interior landscaping is a great option to bring out the elegant beauty of the artificial plants. The bright and colorful flowering plants may be used at locations which get maximum visitors all through the day. Having a small sized faux tree inside the commercial buildings can be a great way to attract the attention and amaze the visitors with the innovative approach. Topiaries and small varieties of landscaping decor like the artificial shrubs, grasses, and buses can be set up on suitable baskets to bring in refreshing natural vibes within the dull commercial locations.

Boxwood mats are great for creating artificial screens and lifelike greenery on the walls at resorts, hotels or amusement parks. They are fully customized, giving you the ideal variety you want. You can put in your own ideas; just don’t forget to put them up at locations where they will be easily spotted by the visitors.

Outdoor landscaping décor

As the materials are designed using PermaLeaf technology, you need not worry about their durability after using in harsh weather conditions. You may use any bamboo or pine tree near the entrance or put up any customized topiary with the logo or any design to impress the visitors. Using colorful artificial bushes or shrubs or colorful flowering plants in more numbers will also amaze the visitors and attract their attention. You can feel free to try any new ideas or combinations as they are user-friendly and can be easily relocated. Use of furniture that goes with faux greenery is also advised.

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